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Your routine dental checkup with Dr. Wong is designed to thoroughly address all aspects of maintaining good oral health. Beyond merely examining your teeth and gums for cavities or periodontal disease, he will also perform an oral cancer screening.

The American Dental Association reports that each year 1 in 92 adults are diagnosed with some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer. While the average age of detection is 62 years old, increased risk factors such as a family history of oral cancer, tobacco use and alcohol abuse increase your chances of developing oral cancer at a younger age.

Early detection and diagnosis will improve your chances of successful treatment.

Dr. Wong generally performs the oral cancer screening at the end of your routine dental checkup and cleaning. This involves inspecting your tongue, throat, face, and neck for any swelling or abnormal discoloration. Be sure to let Dr. Wong know about any increased risk factors for oral cancer.

If you have questions or concerns about oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Wong’s office at 916-784-1700 to set up a cancer screening checkup.