You Should Not Delay Having a Chipped Tooth Repaired

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If you have a bad habit of using your teeth as tools or nibbling on foreign objects, you are at increased risk of suffering a chipped tooth. This can be an even more serious problem if you grind your teeth on a regular basis without the protection of a quality nightguard.

Procrastinating professional treatment at Johnson Ranch Dental also poses a serious threat. The damaged tooth enamel could trap food matter and bacterial residue, encouraging a new cavity to form.

Depending on the size and location of the chip, Dr. Wong might be able to repair the tooth with a simple filling.

If the chip is large or on the biting surface of a tooth, he might recommend restoring the entire tooth enamel with a dental crown. This is a two-step process that involves replacing the tooth enamel with a nearly perfect replica.

For an extreme case where a chip penetrates deep enough to affect the pulp or root of a tooth, your dentist will need to perform a root canal to replace the damaged internal structures of the tooth. Then, he can restore the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown.

If you live in the Roseville, CA, area and you’ve recently suffered a chipped tooth, you should call 916-784-1700 to seek professional treatment at Johnson Ranch Dental.

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