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At the practice of Johnson Ranch Dental, we provide custom-made partial dentures for our clients in Roseville, California who have missing teeth.

Partial dentures are removable and are created in a dental lab from impressions of your mouth. This type of denture sits on a metal framework that attaches to your own teeth in the upper or lower jaw. To anchor the dentures, some of your natural teeth may have crowns added to them for optimal fit. There are several benefits to wearing partial dentures:

Appearance: Once you adjust to your new partial denture in your mouth and get used to placing them in and out, you will be pleased with how natural your smile looks and feels. Replacing lost teeth is important because, without your partial denture, the muscles in your face will sag and age you prematurely over time. This is due to lost bone and gum ridges.

Eating: Initially, you will need to adjust to wearing your dentures to eat. You will want to begin with cutting your foods into small pieces. Soft foods help you with the transition process. To maintain even pressure on both sides of your denture, you will want to chew on both sides. Foods to avoid include sticky or hard foods, including chewing gum as you adjust.

Speaking: Missing teeth take a toll on your speech, as the empty spaces make it hard to speak properly. As you adjust to wearing partial dentures, you can practice reading out loud and repeat difficult words. This helps you get used to speaking with them so you sound natural again.

To restore your youthful appearance and eat and chew with renewed confidence, we invite you to check out our partial dentures. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist by calling 916.784.1700 today. Dr. Oliver Wong and our team are ready to help you smile again!