The Smile-Harming Foods and Drinks You Should Avoid Eating

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Did you know there are foods and drinks in the world today that can harm your smile? Well, it’s true, unfortunately. It’s important to avoid eating these foods so you can maintain healthy teeth and gums. To help you avoid them, Dr. Oliver Wong and our dental team are happy to tell you which products they are. They include empty-calorie foods, sugary drinks, and acidic foods.

Empty-calorie foods are harmful to your smile because they contain sugar. These foods can be candy, cookies, muffins, cakes, and snack foods (like chips). When you eat them, the bacteria feed on the sugar and release acids that attack your teeth and promote cavities.

Sugary drinks are harmful to your smile because drinking them is like giving your smile a sugar bath. While this might sound funny, it’s not for your teeth, especially because it increases the chances of having cavities. So, it’s best to drink water and avoid drinking sugary beverages, like soda, lemonade, juice, sweetened coffee, and tea.

Acidic foods are harmful to your smile because the acid attacks the teeth and wears down the tooth enamel. It’s important to eat acidic foods with a meal because the other foods can neutralize the acids. However, it’s best to avoid eating acidic foods altogether, like tomatoes, oranges, lemons, and limes.

If you have any questions about the tooth-harming foods in Roseville, California, please call Johnson Ranch at 918-784-1700. When you call our office, our dental team will be happy to talk with you, teach you a little more, and give you the answers you’re looking for. We look forward to helping you!

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