The Benefits of Composite Fillings

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A composite filling is just one of the many types of dental fillings available to you. All dental fillings serve the purpose of restoring teeth that have succumbed to tooth decay. As their name suggests, they fill the cavities created by decay so the affected tooth can get its strength back and be protected from further decay. Composite fillings are different because they offer the following benefits over other types of filling.

The most notable advantage is that composite fillings match teeth in color, so they can blend right in. They can match the color so well that people may not know you have a filling even if they happen to be looking right at it. Other filling types cannot do this, so other people may notice them very easily.

Composite fillings also bond more with the tooth than other kinds of filling. Honestly, you will need to be careful not to cause a filling to fall out, no matter what type you go with. However, the composite filling’s ability to bond can help it stay in more easily. This bond can also help the composite filling to blend in because the seam between tooth and filling may be invisible, which can make the filling look like it is just a natural part of the tooth.

We offer composite fillings and other options here at Johnson Ranch Dental in Roseville, California. If you struggle with tooth decay, our dentist, Dr. Oliver Wong, can help you find the option that can work best for you, whether it is a composite filling or another treatment. Please call 916-784-1700 to reach us, so we can help you attain your best smile!

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