What Causes a Cavity?

You’ve probably heard of a cavity before and you probably know that you should have a cavity filled as soon as possible. However, do you know exactly what a cavity is or what you can do to avoid the issue? Basically, a cavity is tooth decay. This decay will eat through the protective outer layer of your teeth, known as... read more »

The Different Parts That Make a Tooth

Dr. Wong and our friendly dental team want you to have the best oral health possible, and one way to achieve that goal is to help you understand your smile a little more. So, today our team has provided information regarding the different parts of a tooth, which are the: -Crown: The crown is the section of the tooth that... read more »

Solutions to Sensitive Teeth

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Do you hesitate to bite into a cool, tasty treat? Do you know why you might have sensitive teeth or that there are ways you can reduce your sensitivity? Gum disease and a damaged or chipped tooth are some of the more common causes of sensitive teeth. If you suffer from gum disease, your... read more »

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