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Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and with it comes the overabundance of football, foods, and family. This season, why not surprise your family with an oral makeover. No matter the issue you may have, we can make any smile better. You may excel at brushing and flossing, but neither are enough to fix teeth with pre-existing cavities, or unsightly blemishes and defects that can occur in teeth. Whether it is a chipped tooth or an oversized gap in your front teeth, we can help. Two of our most popular items include dental crowns and dental veneers. Below are just a few of the benefits of both:

Benefits of crowns:
– used to support teeth that have been badly damaged

– use to protect excessively worn teeth

– used to anchor a dental bridge

– used to mask tooth discolorations

– used to cover a dental implant or root canal therapy

Benefits of veneers:
– used to improve shape and color of teeth

– less tooth enamel needs to be removed than with a crown

– when done properly by a licensed professional, they are nearly impossible to notice

– used to correct flaws in your smile

– used to fix crowding or excessive space between your teeth

Don’t let your friends and family miss out on the greatest gift you can give them: your smile. Come talk with our fantastic team today, and you will be on your way to a brighter and whiter smile. You can contact us at 916-784-1700 to speak with a friendly member of our staff, or you can also visit our office in Roseville, CA. Have a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving!

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