Some Things to Remember About Brushing

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Brushing our teeth helps us keep them a nice white color and keep gum disease from taking hold. Of course, brushing is only effective when it is done correctly. If you would like to review brushing, we will gladly give you a few pointers.

– When you set the brush to your teeth, hold it at a 45-degree angle in relation to your gums.
– Carefully move the brush back and forth, going about the width of a tooth with each motion.
– Remember to be gentle as you go. There is no need to be rough and tough.
– Remember to brush along the gum line too. This can take care of plaque that is trying to build up there.
– Brush all the sides of your teeth, including the surfaces you bite and chew with.
– When it comes time to brush the backs of your front teeth, hold the brush so it is oriented vertically and brush up and down to clean those areas.
– Be sure to take enough time. The amount of time it takes to brush all the sides of your teeth should be about two minutes.

These tips should help you keep your teeth in good condition. If you would like more tips on maintaining your oral health, we can help you here at Johnson Ranch Dental in Roseville, California. Our dentist, Dr. Oliver Wong, is always happy to guide people so they can have a cavity-free life. You can reach us easily by calling 916-784-1700, and we will do our best to serve your needs.

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