Denture Adhesive Can Help Lock Your Partial Denture in Place

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Your partial denture was designed at Dr. Wong’s clinic to match the underlying structure of your gums to closely replicate the function of your missing teeth. It is meant to hold firm through the daily rigors of grinding and chewing. However, you might still like to apply a little denture adhesive.

Not only will this help to lock the unit in place, it will also create a temporary seal to prevent irritation from food particles that invade the base near the gums.

On the rare occasion where a little bit of food material does work its way onto the base of your partial denture you should rinse it away. After drying the dental appliance with a clean paper towel, you can then apply fresh adhesive.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to take your partial denture out to give it a complete cleaning. This involves a vigorous rinse under running water and light brushing with nonabrasive toothpaste. Once it is clean you should soak the partial denture in water or store it in the case provided.

Before purchasing any brand of denture adhesive, you want to look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal means that the ADA has subjected the product to significant research and testing to make sure it meets rigorous guidelines for safe oral use.

If you are in the Roseville, CA area and you have concerns about how to clean and maintain your new partial denture you can always call 916-784-1700 to speak to a staff member at Johnson Ranch Dental.

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