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Would you like your smile to shine? Modern technology has made it possible for even severely damaged smiles to be repaired and perfected. One amazing piece of dental work that Johnson Ranch Dental in Roseville, CA, can use to perfect your smile is the dental veneer.

Dental veneers are a relatively new form of cosmetic dentistry that has been very successful. These are custom-made and shaped shells which are bond to the faces of each individual tooth. They are extremely thin and look just like your natural teeth. They are designed to cover stains, flaws, chips and spacing issues.

Dental veneers are very durable and with proper care can last up to ten years! Because they don’t have the same tooth enamel, they are not subject to tooth decay, but the tooth behind the veneer is. So if all your teeth are covered in veneers, brushing and flossing are still important.

If you have flaws in your smile you wish to hide or want a consultation with Dr. Wong, please phone us today at 916.784.1700 to arrange an appointment. Our staff is dedicated when it comes to helping you have a smile that is healthy, and a smile you can enjoy and be proud of when it shines!