Dental Bridges 101

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Do you have a missing tooth? One of your options is to get a dental bridge. Here’s what you need to know:

A bridge has a fake tooth called a pontic and two crowns on the sides which go on top of your adjacent teeth. This is why a bridge is the best fit for those who have weak teeth on either side of the gap. The crowns will provide needed support to those teeth. This bridge is permanently affixed to your gums.

The process of getting a dental bridge depends upon many things, but here is the general procedure:

In order to prepare your two weak adjacent teeth for crowns, Dr. John F. Williams will numb the area and then eliminate some of their enamel structure. Afterward, he will make a mold of your mouth. This is called an impression. A dental lab will use the impression to form your custom-fit dental bridge. In the interim, Dr. John F. Williams will likely place a temporary bridge over the gap.

At your next appointment, Johnson Ranch Dental will fit you with the permanent bridge and check for any problems. A fixed bridge may take some time to install. We may schedule a follow-up visit if needed.

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