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There are several important aspects involved in maintaining good oral health throughout the course of your life. This starts with brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once each day.

When brushing your teeth you should use a soft bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste with mild abrasives. Added fluoride also helps keep your tooth enamel strong. Ideally, you want to brush each tooth individually in a small circular motion. It should take you approximately three minutes to fully brush both sets of your teeth.

You should then floss once per day, ideally in the evening after you are done eating for the day. Be sure to floss along the gum line as well as behind each of your back molars. This will help to remove residual food material and plaque before they can harden into tartar.

Your regular dental checkup and cleaning at Dr. Wong’s dental office are also important for maintaining a healthy mouth. This simple appointment will remove any signs of hardened tartar from your teeth, while also monitoring the health of your teeth, gums, and other important oral tissues.

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